Covelianos Today


Craig Carothers "73"

Craig and Pam now live in Eureka, Ca and have 2 daughters, Janice and Casey. Craig builds and repairs computers for a local company and enjoys living in one of the most beautiful areas of the state. Craig's original mini bio is here. My revised 3 min bio is here

Alberto Yanez M "72" and Beverly Giusti "75-77"

Alberto and Beverly live in Venezuela Alberto has been in international business since 1981 and heads his own firm .Beverlt now heads the largesr aluminum extrusion company in Venezuela Her bio can be seen here. Alberto's bio can be seen here.

Hilda Gastelum "75"

Hilda lives in San Rafael, Ca. with her daughter Natalie You can see more pictrues of Hilda and her daughters here

Read Hilda's Mini Bio Here

Teri Graf-Pulvino "73"

Teri and her husband live in the Yosemite Valley and have a ranch there. Her mini bio is here

Jenaro Sanchez "72"

Jenaro lives in Guatemala where he has been active in the Cement industry for over 15 years.

Frank Bracho "72"

Frank lives in Caracas Venezuela. Frank has had an illustrious carrer in Government and has authored several books. Here are some of his current articles

Here is Frank's Mini Bio and a couple more pictures.



Dr Lary Pippin

Read a note from Dr Pippin here

Mrs Evelyn Pedro
Janet Beckwith Stewart "67" and her husband Don live in The Woodlands, Texas Janet taught at Baylor University and Ohio State University. She also worked for AMOCO and BP before retiring in 2003 Read more from Janet here Pablo Velasco and Jane Blewett Velasco "73" have 2 daughters and currently reside in Altlanta Ga. Their bio is here.
Joe and Pam Page Both "70" currenlty live in Chula Vista Ca. Joe is an insurance agent and Pam is a school prinicpal. Read thier bio here

Joe Eugene "71" currently lives in Santa Cruz, Ca.

Read Joe's Mini Bio Here

Rafael Flores "71"

Rafael now lives in Caracas Venezuela and works with Alberto Yanez "72' You can read his bio here.

Luis Eugenio Erlich "72"

Luis now lives in Mexico City where he owns a large wholesale tour agency dealing with Polynesia and Hawaii. He is also a developer of luxury housing in Mexico. He is shown here with his son Jerome. Luis has been instrumental in helping to plan the June 09 Reunion. Here are the links to two of his web sites

Cesar Ozuna "78"

Cesar is a Chief Master of Songahm Taekwondo and competes at a world class level. He now lives in Maimi, Florida with his wife Liliana and daughters Alejandra, Moira and Dafne.

You can read more about him here and here

Jorge and Susan (Maschewski) Escobar

Jorge and Susan live in the Sacramento area where Susan teaches ESL to adult imigrants and Jorge is a compliance officer for the Bank of America. read more about Susan here.

Jerri Stuto Curradi "73"

Jerri worked for the Social Security Administration until 1991 and is now in the mortgage industry in Lincoln, Ca You can read more about her here

Jorge Verdi "72"

Jorge has been in international banking since leaving Covell He now lives in Miami. In this picture he is third from right, sitting. The occasion was the signing of the last foreign loan to Ecuador after Correa took over. Beneficiary: Banco de Guayaquil. You can read more about Jorge here.

Betty Ralston Giraldo

Bety has spent her carreer as a Teacher and is currently living in Florida. You can read more about her here

Carlos and Blanca Mazal live in Geneva and work with the Untied Nations. You can read more about them here.

Jose "Penny" and Janet Lar Rieu Pantoja "67"

Jose and Janet Pantoja now live in Washington after more than 25 years in Sacramento. Read more about Jose here.

Clark Trevor "71"

Clark is an immigration lawyer residing in San Francisco, Ca. You can read about him here.

Alex (70) and Flor de Maria Flores (72)

Alex is currently with the OAS and Flor has been in the travel industry. Thier bio can be found here

Sonia Aramburo

Sonia lives in Monterey, Ca You can read more about Sonia here.

Doug and Betty Jo Carter

Doug and Betty Jo live in Albuquerque, NM They have been very active in dance in that state and have won numerous titles. Doug is currently Teaching French at Rio Grand High School. Read more about Doug and BettyJo here.

Lori Carlson Andrews "85"

Lori currently lives in Westport Connecticut. Lori's bio is available here.


Kay Tarble de Scarmelli PhD

Kay is an Arqueologist living in Venezuela. Read about her here.

Marta Olds "82"

Marta currently lives in the Santa Clara Valley and works in the IT field. Read more about her here

Nancy Claspill

Nancy lives in Watsonville, Ca and has been in teaching since graduation in 1974. read more about her here

Roy Nunez "73'

Roy is the CEO and Director of the Institute for Organizational Training & Development in Stockton. Roy is shownhere with Congresswoman Nydia Valasquez. Read more about Roy here.

Donald M. Decker, Ph.D.

Dr Decker resides in Southern California and has had a long and illustrious career in education. Read his bio here

Nadine Livingston Glenn and husband Charles live in the Stockton area. You can read her bio here and see a picture of their children.

Gene Bigler Ph. D.

Gene mistakenly thinks he was a Raymond graduate. We have claimed him as our own and that's just how it is ! You can read his mini bio here

Waiting for photo

Sharon Rhoades Paiz "80"

Sharon lives in Guatemala where she has been involved in a project dealing with geothermal wells. Read her bio here.

Waiting for photo

Pedro and Carol Milk de Reyes "69"

Pedro and Carol live in Peru where Carol has been involved in teaching her whole career. you can read Carol's bio here and Pedro's here

Carlos Alcantara

Carlos lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and has a buisness there. you can see his bio here

Martin Burt lives in Paraguay and is the founder and CEO of Fundacon Paraguaya. You can read about him here  

Jorge Paredes

Here is his mini bio

Dr Robinson

Dr. Robinson is a cornerstone of the new Covell movement and an icon to all Covelianos. His mini bio is here

Dr Shimeal

Dr Clark and Elanore Shimeal live in Borrego Springs Ca. He has posted his bio here


Enrique Auza "66"

Enrique was in the first graduating class of Covell. You can read about him here

Gerardo Borrero "66"

Gerardo lives in Quito, Ecuador ans has had a long a varied career. You can read about it here.

Nancy Jensen

Nancy lives in Patterson Ca and is a high school teacher. Her bio is here

Julio Hallack

Julio and his family live in Turlock, Ca. You can see his bio here

Juan Estay "70-72" and "79"80

Juan lives in Chile and had hoped to be with us at the reunion but circumstances prevented it. Read about him here.


John Rhodes

John Lives in Carlsbad, Ca. and has an active life. Read about him here

Linda Myers Seldomridge "82"

Linda lives in Salinas, Calif. along with her husband, Steve and 2 kids - Katie and Robbie. You can read her bio here

Val Stecher Newell "66"

Val lives in Wenatchee. Wa and has retired from a career in education. Her bio is here

Melissa Markey "73"

Melissa lives in the Los Angeles area and is working with and managing engineers. She has posted her bio here

Waiting for Photo

Kevin Riley "76"

Kevin lives in Santa Clara where he is the Director of Planning. His bio is here


Maria Mora "69"

Maria lives in San Jose, Costa Rica and has been a teacher since graduation. You can read her bio here

Icelyn Russell Cate

Icelyn currently lives in Hallandale, Florida and is invovled in social marketing. You can read about her here

Bernie Gomez

Bernie and his wife, Maria Elvira live in Bogota

You can read his bio here

Fausto Rohr

Fausto lives in Miami, Florida, with his Wife Patricia and his son Scott. You can read about hin here.


Olivia Gastelum Perez

Olivia has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since graduating. Her bio is here

Kathi Anderson "81"

Kathi and husband Jessie Rivera live in San Diego, Ca with thier son Zachary. You can read about Kathi and her organization here.

Aurora Dewhirst Covell Bilingual Secretary

Aurora lives in Stockton and works as a bilingual copy editor. You can read her bio and see a picture of her family here.


Nancy Eranosian "70"

Nancy lives in Los Altos Ca. Although retired Nancy is still involved in managing the family business as well as many outside activites. You can read her bio here.


Henry Berdugo Gilbert

Henry lives in Columbia. You can read a little about him here.


Dr Roger Brarda

Dr Brarda lives in San Francisco Ca and is an analyst and developer of industrial and commercial business projects in the United States and Latin America. His bio is here in pdf format.


Myriam Castaneda

Myriam lives in San Jose Ca, and works in her husbands CPA firm. You can read her bio here

Michael (Mickey) Bench "72" and Esther (Ybarra) Bench "71"

Michael and Esther live in Prundale near Monterey Ca. Michael is a certified arborist and consultant and Esther has been in bilingual education since graduation. You can read about them here.


Mark Williams "76" Cecelia St Mary Williams "76"

Mark and Cecelia live in Lafayette Ca. where Mark works as a banking. You can read their bio here.


Lisa Anthony Sierra "80"

Lisa currently lives in Woodland Ca. You can read about her here


Sue Baldwin Meza "69"

Sue lives in Stockton Ca. She is retired from the Human Services Agency but still does part time work for them. Read her bio here.

Kim Reed Edwards "73"

Kim lives in the Sacramento Ca area and wors for the California Department of Education. You can read about her here.


Danna Baldwin Moreno Lives in Santa Cruz Ca.

Danna has been a teacher for 28 years and has a wonderful daughter, Arianna who is about to make her a grandmother. You can read more about her here.


Karen Robertson "71"

Karen lives in Portland Or. and teaches EOSL at Portland Community College. You can read her bio here.


Doran Flores Wood

Doran now lives in Colorado where she owns a business. You can read about her here.

Gary Hargett "69

Gary lives in Portland, Or. where he is a consultant helping schools improve their bilingual education programs. Read his bio here

Orlando Moreno "86"

Orlando just moved to Los Angeles, Ca fron lake mary, Florida where he has been a Project Manager and consultant.

You can see his web site here

Carlos Pizarro

Carlos lives in Santiago Chile

Rick and Anne Alvarez Claspill

Christina Fink "71" and SIS Graduate (and daughter) Kendra Bruno

You can read a letter that Kendra wrote here

Patricio Duk and Family Gustavo Wilson

Fernando "Jorge" Bedregal "71"

Jorge lives in Temuco, Chile. You can read his bio here

Roberto Ishihara
Ingrid "Chapina" Lind Herold Carlos Meza MD.
Hector Castaneda Janet Herschfelt Gundrum
Judy Potter

Nancy Ferriera Shaw "75"

Nancy lives in San Diego Ca, where she has been in International Banking since graduation. You can read about her here

Les Anderson

Skylar Bagley Cohen "82"

Skyalr lives in Pleasanton Ca. You can read her bio here

Alfonso "Chapin" Granda Waiting for photo

Kathi Polk

Kathi is a speech and language pathologist in Stockton.You can read her bio here

Bob Black "73"

Bob and Michelle live in the Atlanta, Ga area. Both have lad long careers in public health. YOu can read about them here.

Carlos Castro Pat " El payaso de Covell"

He is now know as Toltolin and has been making people smile for years. You can read his bio here

Here is a link to his web site

Rev Jeffrey Labelle "76"

Rev Labelle is at Marquette University. You can read his mini bio here

You can see his Marquette web site here

Dr Kurt Freund

School of engineering "67"

Kurt lives in Quito Ecuador and has had an impressive careeer. You can read more about him here.