Jerri Stuto Curradi 1973


I married my first husband in 1972 prior to my graduation from Covell in 1973.  I went to work for the Social Security Administration as a Spanish Speaking Claims Representative in my home town of Sacramento in 1974.
While married to my first husband I was blessed with 3 wonderful children, one daughter and two sons. That marriage ended in divorce after 12 years. I remarried in 1988 to a wonderful man who has twin sons. In 1991 I had surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome and was not able to return to my government job. It was a blessing in disguise as I was able to stay home with my children during their formidable years. After being out of the work force for about 6 years I was retrained for a new carrier in the mortgage industry. ( And by the way, I did not put people into homes they couldn't afford). I am still working in that industry today and loving it. I now live in Lincoln California. I am still able to put my Spanish to work with some of the clients I help in Lincoln.
My husband and I travel a lot and also have a home in Arizona where his twin sons live with their families. I am "Nana" to 6 Arizona grandchildren and 3.5 California grandchildren. I am very happy and grateful for the education I received at Covell College. Oh and by the way my one son graduated from U.O.P. in 2004. He is now with the California Highway Patrol.
I am not certain I will be able to attend the reunion but I will certainly try.
Saludos y abrazos a todos!