Joe Page Jr. "70"

I am a 1970 graduate  of Covell College. I went to work with the restaurant division of Pepsi Cola after graduation working at first with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Pam and I were married in November  1970 and she completed her BA at San Diego State. I transfered to H. Salt Fish and Chips  Division and we were sent to Dallas Texas for 6 months about the time that our daughter "Lisa " was born. From Dallas we were sent to Birmingham , Alabama
for two years , where upon completion of building a house I was sent to Houston , Texas with KFC once again.
Birmingham was interesting in the sense that the only" hispanic" thing in the area was a Taco Bell that was 20 miles away-we couldn't even buy tortillas in the grocery stores. We added our son "Joe 3" in Houston .  We spent two years in Houston in the humidity and bugs and I transferred to Pizza Hut and we returned to San Diego where Pam promptly advised me that she did not intend to leave the ocean ever again. So we have been in San Diego ever since.
I worked in Canada as a traveling regional manager for a Mexican Food restaurant for a couple years and then returned to Pizza Hut.
In 1989 I entered the financial services industry working with Life Insurance, mutual funds , living trust and annuities as well as other insurance products which I continue to do as of today.

I had very limited need for Spanish in Birmingham and Houston . When I entered the Insurance business I found that my market in Los Angeles,San Diego and the Imperial Valley was 90% Hispanic and I was forced to practice my Spanish, and I continue to use and learn the language.

My son is in San Diego with his family working as a police officer in Chula Vista. My daughter is a missionary with her husband and they are based in Atlanta , Ga. She has been in China, Russia, Mexico and Africa speaking a little of each language . We have three grandchildren and My hope is that with the School of International  Studies that they will be interested  in attending at Pacific. My grand daughter (10) is already demonstrating an interest in speaking Spanish. Pam  has her Masters and is now an Elementary School Principal.

About eight months ago I became aware of a telecomuncations company based on networkmarketing that will be expanding in Latin America. The proprietary product that is being offered is a videotelephone that operates worldwide using the Internet. The company now operates in 20 countries worldwide and the Latin expansion is on the horizon. Within my group of representatives we have phones in Mexico,Ecuador, Peru , Columbia, El Salvador and hopefully Guatemala soon. I would like to share this information with the  Covelianos who might be interested at the reunion.

I am getting more "Mature" every year but I have not lost my dreams or excitement at new adventures.  I am certainly not ready to hang up the towel and quit growing. I see this business opportunity as a way to provide for my kids and my grandchildren  I think the network of  Covell graduates is a perfect springboard for entry in the Latin American markets.

Looking forward to renewing old friendships and making new friends in Stockton. See you there!!