Greetings from President Pamela Eibeck

To the Pacific Alumni Community:

I can think of no greater privilege than to serve as the 24th President of University of the Pacific. I look forward to partnering with the Board of Regents and the entire University community-including alumni-to build on Pacific's 158-year tradition of excellence and elevate our national stature.

Thanks to its talented and innovative faculty and staff, Pacific offers an exceptional, student-centered education. The strong relationships formed at Pacific, especially between students and faculty, last well beyond graduation and are one of the reasons our alumni express higher levels of satisfaction with their education than at many other universities. This focus on students, the quality of teaching, and the integration of liberal arts and professional education resonate with my own values and make Pacific an attractive and unique place. 

As I have come to know University of the Pacific over the past six months, what is most striking is the quality of the Pacific community. It is a community marked by a deep and abiding commitment to students, to one another, and to the institution. It is clear that our community considers providing a superior, student-centered learning experience to be a calling, not just a job. That is what you experienced as a student, and what we continue to provide today.

In that spirit of partnership and community, I am committed to getting to know the Pacific community and hearing your ideas and dreams for our University, as we shape a vision for the future. Our alumni provide truly valuable perspectives that will ensure that we build that vision on Pacific's existing strengths and rich heritage.

Therefore, my highest priority during this first year as President is to embark on a "listening campaign" to get to know this wonderful University. I seek to learn about the University's history, people, programs, areas of excellence, and your vision for the future. I will be learning about our existing areas of distinction as well as identifying opportunities that will help us enhance educational quality and build national visibility. I will dedicate time to get to know our campus communities in Stockton, San Francisco and Sacramento. 

I would like to thank the many people who have greeted me so warmly since the announcement of my appointment. You have made me feel truly welcome and comfortable in this community. I look forward to opportunities to get to know our many talented alumni as we take this fine University into an even greater future.


Pamela A. Eibeck, PhD, PE