Jorge Peralta and the UDUAL

On October 6th in the old Covell Centro we had the honor to witness the signing of an agreement between the UDUAL and the University of the Pacific. This historic event was in part the result of another series of Coveliano coincidence and bonds. Luis Erlich "72" says that Jorge peralta has been a close contact and friend of his in Mexico City. He never knew the exact nature of the work Sr. Peralta did until he happened to recount to him his plans to return to Stockton for the inauguration a renewed Inter-American program. Luis enthusiasticaly eplained his Covell experiences and his excitment at the prospect of a renewed program. At this point Sr. Peralta disclosed that he is the Academic Director of UDUAL the "Union de Universidades de America Latina y el Caribe". This is the largest and most powerful association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean, comprising over 500 member Universities. More can be discovered at

Mr Peraltas official duties include aquiring new members, establishing exchanges, academic advisory and relationships with other organizations like the UNESCO. They have never been involved with a University in the United States or Canada A letter of intent was signed at the inagural event and we are excited to be groundbreakers in this area. Being accepted as the 1st North American University admitted to the UDUAL can only help the status of the new program and for that we are very excited. Many thanks to Luis for initiating this contact.

UDUAL Advantages

1. Access to over 500 Universities in all Latin America and Caribbean countries, including Cuba, to exchange semester studies abroad,
2. Ability to obtain guest professors to teach on specialized subjects related to Inter-Americanism.
3. Access to key lecturers from the region for our in house lectures program. Some university Presidents and reaserchers are key local figures in their country,
4. Expand our recruiting capacity to 500 colleges who can help us obtain new, and or, transfer students, meetings and some advertising when we go scouting,
5. Interaction with Latin Universities with regard to our Inter-American program structure.
6. Access to scholarships, funding and participation in regional programs sponsored by United Nations and other world and regional organizations.