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Bobbi Ciriza Whiteside Houtchens

Hola mis fieles amigos covelianos,

Thank you Craig for starting this wonderful webpage and helping in the struggle to resurrect Covell and the amazing experience that both changed and shaped my life. I have the great fortune to have been selected to be a Teaching Ambassador Fellow to the Department of Education in Washington, D.C. this school year, after 38 years of teaching high school English and ESL. Teaching has allowed me to work with students in the labor camps south of Miami, in the D.C. Public Schools, in Mexico, and, for the past 22 years, back in San Bernardino, CA. I miss my classroom, students, and colleagues this year, but will be returning to them after this Fellowship, unless, of course, I am offered a chance to continue working here in the nation's capitol. There is more information on this program at, and if any of you are still teaching, you might consider applying for this next year! I have been married twice, 11 years each time. The first resulted in two wonderful sons, one of whom is an internet genius for a music production company in Los Angeles and the other is completing his PhD in sociology at UCLA working with the homeless folks on Skidrow. Two years after my divorce, I married another English teacher, who brought me 3 wonderful stepdaughters who gave us five grandchildren. I lost him 10 years ago to lung cancer. I continue to live for adventure, new experiences, and chances to learn and grow. When at home, I garden, ride my motorcycles, travel, read, work hard, and have fun. Here in D.C., I am determined to live as though I am on a year long working vacation. I've been able to reconnect with Alex Flores who brought me tales of the reunion, making me determined to see you all at the next one!

Abrazos ,
Bobbi Ciriza Whiteside Houtchens

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