We hope to see this space develop into a place where we can learn more about what has happened to some of our calssmates than we could in a more limited venue.

In order for this to work I need some people to volunteer their story along with a couple of photos.

Believe it or not there are many of us that would like to know what has happened in your life since last we met

Ok to get things rolling I will start with myself and pray that someone more interesting will write soon :-)

Spotlight On

Craig Carothers "73"

Craig attended Covell from 1969 to 1973. He and his wife, Pam, were married in Morris Chapel one week before graduation in May of 1973. They are still married having just celebrated their 36th anniversary. Upon graduation Craig moved back to his home town of Concord, Ca. Not finding any work in Inter-American Relations he took a job with Montgomery Ward selling TV and Stereo equipment. While in college he had sold part time for Radio Shack in Stockton as well as cooking in the End Zone. After several years as a manager for Wards he and Pam moved to their current location in Eureka, Ca. Craig's grandparents were originally dairy farmers in this area. Nestled in fishing country along the Pacific Ocean in the Redwood Forrest Craig continued with Wards leaving to go into life insurance sales. That was a short lived career. He next found himself pursuing a Masters in Waste Water Aquaculture at Humboldt State University in Arcata. When Craig left the University he now had 2 daughters and some experience as a fisheries biologist. He went to work in a remote salmon hatchery. Illness and the closure of the hatchery led him back to Eureka where he went to work for a long time friend in the Rent-To-Own business. After a 5 yr career as a regional manager in this field he again changed careers, this time becoming a jeweler and a certified gemologist. He worked as a manager for several stores in the Sterling chain of jewelry stores, including Hudson Goodman and Kay jewelers. When the company downsized he was left without a store and opted to change careers yet again. This time he studied computers and got his MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and began to work for an international Help Desk located in Eureka. He soon rose to General Manager and had 115 techs working with him out of an unmarked building doing Internet technical support all across the country. Within 5 years all had been lost to outsourcing in India. We currently find him building systems and doing PC repair for a large furniture store in Eureka.

Craig's 2 daughters, Janice and Casey , both graduated from Chaminade University in Hawaii. Casey in Environmental Studies and Janice with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Both have returned home and live in Eureka. Craig is an avid fisherman, in his mind at least, since there never seems to be any time for the actual practice anymore, and has the advantage of living in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Craig maintains several web sites including a couple that deal with weight loss surgery in as much as Craig reached almost 400 Lbs before having a gastric band placed and reducing back down to a more reasonable weight. The idea of a gastric band, interestingly enough, was presented to him by former class mate Luis Erlich, at a Covell Reunion.

Craig has never forgotten his days at Covell and the bonds he made there have remained remarkably strong. When invited to participate in the Covell initiative meetings in 2004 he enthusiastically got on board and was soon setting up the Covell website and web casting the meetings. He continues to believe in what Covell stood for today and is again dedicating energies to the inter-american projects of the School of International Studies and the Casa Covell project so that the dream may live on.

Craig grows tired of writing in the third person and wishes to send a hearty hello to all of his old friends

Un abrazo fuerte,