Sue Baldwin Meza "69"


I graduated from Covell on June 8, 1969 and within a month I was married (Carlos Meza, Covell '69) and had started my first job as an Eligibility Worker for the San Joaquin County Dept. of Public Assistance as it was known then. In 1971 we moved to Reno for a year, where I worked at Harrah's Club as a secretary for the food and beverage department. Back to Stockton in '72 through '75 and back to the Welfare Dept. In '75 we moved to West Paterson, New Jersey where Carlos did an internship and residency in Internal Medicine after 4 years of med school in Guadalajara. I worked for Passaic County doing welfare eligibility and child protective services. We re-settled in Stockton in 1979 and have been here ever since. I continued on with the County Human Services Agency (new name for the Welfare Dept.) both in eligibility and social work, always having a Spanish-speaking caseload. Divorced since 2001 and retired since 2003, I'm now working part time for the Human Services Agency processing Medi-Cal applications. In 1997 I reconnected with a long-lost Argentine friend I met when I was 13 and as a consequence I spend about 4 months a year living in Buenos Aires since 2003...absolutely LOVE it! Carlos and I have two sons, Dan (38) is an architect living in Swarthmore, PA with his wife Lynn and two kids, Jackson (3) and Elizabeth (21 months), and Rob (29) works for World Markets and lives in Stockton with his girlfriend Joyce and their baby Vincent who just turned a year on June 16. I just LOVE being a grandmother!! How is it possible when I'm still 16 inside my head!  Every now and then I pull out the old Covell pictures and yearbooks and take a trip down memory's great fun. Can't wait to see everyody at the reunion! I'm attaching a couple of photos with my boys and their kids...hopefully it'll work!