Betty Ralston Giraldo

Un fuerte abrazo a todos los covelianos....we are a race unlike any other!  La nostalgia se ha apoderado de mi ser!  Dr. Robinson, Alfredo FernandezB, looking at that incredible vision of Dr. Cullen, Wacho Andrade....ataque duro al alma.  Maxine Korn!!! The reunion is soon, am looking into the possibility....Enrique Auza?  Janet Pantoja?  I will never get to sleep tonight.
Update:  I HAVE BEEN TEACHING FOREVER.  All over the place:  my native Hawai'i, Colombia, and Florida (Broward County). Middle School.  English and Reference and Research (the latter just got axed by the budget crunch).  Daughter Andrea Nalani Giraldo, 26, works for Make A Wish Foundation in honor of her dad, you all remember, Carlos Giraldo, who died ten years ago (pancreatic cancer).  But he lives on, and for sure, somewhere on the campus, there remain signs of his charismatic presence.  Where is Roberto de Valencia?  He was at a party I had for Carlos centuries ago in Cali.....we had t-shirts announcing Caturro Cumple Quince when he was really a bit older....que tiempos aquellos.  I study in Spain in the summer, have been for the past 8 years.  Why? Porque el vino es un ser vivo..  Pues eso.  Saw Suzette at the airport in Miami a few years ago....heard about Pardo's Peruvian Paradise from her. 
Will make every effort to get to the reunion in June.  Dr. Robinson, there was a reception or party at your home in 1970....I wore a long dress type thing I had made from fabric purchased at the mall, huge flowers on a dark blue background...remember being in your nice.  Y la Dra. Bey.....remember making rice in the basement of Ballantyne with Sue Baldwin, trying to stay awake to get through the Popol Vu.........this has gone on too long....fuertes abrazos a todos. el tiempo pasa and somehow we are still the same.  BESOS!

I think that I have attached a photo of Andrea and I in the awesome presence of Billy Joel, front row, January 2009; certainly hope it is not a photo of my classroom or a random parking space at school!!!  Much love to all.

Betty Ralston Giraldo
Punahou '66
Covell '70
Tequesta Trace Middle School,Weston, FL
Summer 09