Doug Carter



Todos los informes de mis viejos companeros me han inspirado escribir mi mini-biografia:

I married coveliana Sherry Sherman in 1972 and returned to NM to finish my degree. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted less than a year and I returned to Covell.  After one semester I decided to join the Army and see the world. I was sent to Germany where I picked up the language and continued my love for dance. After an Honorable Discharge I again returned to Covell and FINALLY graduated (1977). I enrolled en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid but a serious accident forced my return to NM.

My bad luck with women is evidenced by two extremely brief marriages followed by divorces. This misfortune was balanced by successes in academia (a degree in Law and one in secondary education) and on the dance floor. I began Western Swing dancing and organized an exhibition Country Dance group. I was successful at dance competitions and joined a performing German dance group.

My current dance partner/wife and I have been together for twenty-four years. We direct a dance group that performs Spanish Colonial, Scottish, and Old-Time Cowboy dances. My wife, Betty Jo, is retired from state government. I have spent the last twenty years as a secondary teacher.  For the last ten years I have been the French teacher at Rio Grande High School in Albuquerque, NM. Oh yeah, I also teach Historia y Geografia del Mundo to 10th graders. Thanks, Dr. Robinson. Betty Jo and I already have airline tickets and hotel reservations for Stockton in June, our second Covell reunion!

Bueno, 'bye,
Doug Carter