Bernie Gomez Cortazar


I am the owner of a meats processing plant here in Bogotá, my wife María Elvira and I work together in the plant, also i work as a Meat consultant, por industries, restaurants, hotels and clubs, also i am teacher of meat and poultry cutting and cooking in a couple of universities.
My oldest son, Juan Felipe is at the University of Barcelona in Spain taking his Masters in Marketing, my other son, Camilo, is in 8th semester of Industrial Desing at the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, in Bogotá.

After I graduated in 1972, I came back to my country, worked with  Caterpillar and General Electric as National Sales Supervisor, after that, I worked  as Administrative Manager in FAVIDI, (state officce), I began to study Meat Technology.
I have made technical studies about meat, in Argentina, U.S.A, Peru and Colombia.  Since 1.980 I have been working and studing all about Meat (slaugther, packing, cutting, processing, and cooking). In Argentina I studied at "Gato Dumas Colegio de Cocineros" and since 1.980 I  have my own company, a Meat Processing Plant, also I  work as consultant for the meat industries, restaurants, hotels and clubs. I am married with María Elvira Huertas, who works with me at the plant. We have two sons, Juan Felipe, who is taking his Masters in Marketing at the Universidad de Barcelona (Spain) and Camilo who is in 8th semester of Industrial Design, at the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano.
I am member of:
-Academia Colombiana de Gastronomía
-Chaine des Rotisseurs (Organización más antigua y grande  del mundo en Gastronomía)
-Cofradia de la Buena Mesa
-Alpha Kappa Psi (Professional and International Bussiness Fraternity).