Nadine Livingston Glen

After graduating from Covell in 1972, I spent 2 yrs. As a Bilingual Eligibility Worker

with the S.J. County Welfare Dept.  Then I worked for the U. S. Postal Service for 15 yrs.

using my Spanish for part of the time when I was the Hispanic Program Coordinator

doing community outreach and testing throughout the central valley.  Needing a change,

I went back to school to get my teaching credential.  For the past 19 years, I have taught

K-4 in Linden (just east of Stockton).  I use Spanish daily to communicate with parents

and newcomers.  Since the demise of bilingual educ. In 1997(?) all of my students have

been Hispanic English Language Learners.


In 1994, I took up line dancing.  Now I am a DJ/dance instructor every Mon. and every

other Thurs. nights.  You’ll also find me dancing at least every other Tues. and Sat. nights. 

I can relate to Doug Carter and his wife and their love of dancing.  I met my 2nd husband,

Charles, while dancing in 1995 (he wasn’t a dancer but has learned a few and accompanies

me on occasion).  Both my daughters also are dancers so it has been a great family activity. 

My oldest daughter, Amanda (31), is a wildland firefighter with the U.S. Forest Service and

lives in Reno.  My youngest, Tracy (24), is attending Humphrey’s College in Stockton and

hopefully have her B.A. in Paralegal Studies by year’s end.  Charles’ son, Jess (31), is a

landscaper in the Bay Area.  Charles just retired from a second career in education (his first

was as a construction superintendent).


I hope to make it to one or two reunion activities but it is also my parents’ 60th wedding

anniversary that weekend.  At least I was able to visit with  some of you last October 6th at

the inauguration of the Inter-American Studies Program.


Nadine Livingston Glenn


  P.S.  The attached pictures were taken at the closing weekend for Pollardville Ghost Town which was also the site for the Silverado Showboat where Charles and I met and danced for years. It is so sad to see it off Hwy 99 in a state of disrepair and graffitied.