Maria Mora

Muy queridos profesores y amigos covelianos:
      Es maravilloso tener noticias de ustedes después de tanto tiempo.  Mis años en Covell han sido inolvidables y siempre pienso en todos ustedes con mucho cariño y nostalgia.
     My life after Covell has had its ups and downs, but it has been good. I can't complain.
I've been a teacher at the Universidad de Costa Rica (1970-72) and from then on at private schools. I retired in 2005, but still continue working as a full-time substitute teacher at the British School in San José.
     I have 2 wonderful children. (In 1982 one of my sisters passed away and I became her children's mother.) My daughter Irene is now 37 and married.  Thanks to her I'm now the proud grandma of Verónica (10) and Sofía (5).  My son Vladi (27) is still single (but lives with his girlfriend.) He's attending the university and working. 
    I haven't traveled much. I've been to Colombia where Cecilia Sarmiento was the only coveliana I was able to see.  Vladi and I had a fantastic time when we visited some of you in California back in '91. A year later I met Rosa Barba, her "super buena gente" husband Rolf and charming children at their home in Germany.  I've been to Guatemala a few times, but couldn' meet with any coveliano there. Bunny (Frizzell) Dziugis, Covell 69, Sara Villa de Vera(Argentina) y yo aún nos comunicamos, ahora por e-mail.  Sandra Pendelton de Skinner y yo seguimos siendo muy amigas. Mario París se acaba de comunicar conmigo y espero verlo pronto. No he sabido de los otros covelianos ticos.
     Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the reunion in June, but as always, you'll be in my heart and in my mind.  Deseo que todos los presentes disfruten al máximo de esta reunión y que se echen una bailadita y una "birra" a mi salud.
                                                                                María Mora, Covell '69