Dr Larry Pippin

Greetings to all Covelianos:

What a pleasure to hear from you!For some it has been longer than others since there has been any news.It will be a great time here when quite a few of you will be returning.

I continue in Stockton, but wonder how I got so much done while working.For the last six months I have been involved with scholarships for recent local high school graduates.The competition was established by Elliott Taylor to be administered by a foundation reporting to the Kiwanis Club of Stockton.I succeeded Dr. Taylor and, by this year, it had grown to over a half million dollars.The interest this year will provide nine scholarships, of which five will enroll at Pacific in the coming semester.

From time-to-time I put the scholarship matter aside in order to work on two election campaigns in our troubled California and Stockton.Also this spring I had jury duty for two days.

With the attempted revival of an inter-American program, several Covelianos returned, along with the ex-President of Colombia, who also served as head of the OAS for two terms.

I have continued to travel to lesser-known parts of Latin America and the Caribbean, visiting Mexico most often.

Derk and I continue to attend baseball games.It is easier to take in Giants contests now that he works across the street from AT&T Park.

Un abrazo del

Dr. Pippin