Leslie Robinson

The Covell experience has meant so much to me by exposing me intensively to a second language and to direct every-day contact with another culture and another people.  Thus I have come to have a more intimate understanding and appreciation of the Latin American scene and I wholeheartedly agree with the Obama administration in its efforts to promote more inter-American cooperation.

After retiring I have not only continued to study Latin American and Hispanic affairs but I have taken the next step and studied various other European languages--French, Italian, German and Russian.  I had already studied Portuguese; in fact, I taught a course one year in elementary Portuguese in Covell.  Every summer until this last year, my wife and I have traveled to Europe, Asia and Latin America to get better acquainted with the countries there.  An obtuse lady once asked me why I wanted to go abroad when there's so much to see in our own proud country.  I responded that I am proud indeed to have been able to see much of our own country, but that I must also see other cultures that have much to offer and to see as well.  We must understand those cultures better than we often have because it's essential for a harmonious international relationship.