Clark Shimeal

At age 87 it is hard to recall what I'm doing besides goofing off. My wife
and I both still work actively with Solar Cookers International, though no longer 
on the Board.  Eleanor does Solar Cooking demos once or twice a month 
for the Anza Borrego State Park and for the Nature Center.   With an 
occasional good wild flower season we can get 10,000 visitors at the 
Park Visitor Center, all needing camping, lodging, eating here in our 
village of 2800 hardy souls.  Both Eleanor and I are now emeriti so we 
don't work the V C counter unless we wish to.  That job mainly in Feb, 
Mar, and April is to tell visitors where the bathrooms are and to be 
sure to carry and drink water.

We see old friends and/or alumni every year and this is an open 
invitation to those who would like to see the desert.  Summers can be 
115 avg so the other 3 seasons are nicer.   We have a strawbale guest 
house (first permitted in San Diego County) which will sleep 5 and can 
be used as home base for desert explorations. With 1000 sq miles of Park 
there is alot to see here.  Our village has many activities for those 
who don't hike.  Our Jeep might be available for wanderers.  We have a 
lap pool and a spa, so manage to keep cool, or warm as needed and we can 
enjoy our beautiful night skies.  Recently designated as one of 10 best 
stargazing sites in the USA.

I meet once a month with a group of the village "fathers" (and mothers)  
called "the Sponsor Group", which is the City Council here. We okay all 
developments etc before they go to the Board of Supervisors.  So far the 
Sups have not turned down our recommendations.  Also I have the keys to a 
local church which hosts our cancer support group meeting twice a month.

Our biggest effort once a month is scheduling, ordering and distributing 
food in the Golden Share Project, available to all income levels.   Half 
of the local population is Hispanic so there is a great need in these 
economic times for nutritious food for a reasonable cost.  Borrego 
Springs is the 5th largest delivery  of 52 sites in the whole county of 
San Diego.

It would be great to see you all at the reunion, but I do not like to 
travel anymore.  It is so comfortable to be here in paradise!  We let 
our 5 children and 6 grandchildren come to see us.   And they do.   Many 
weeks of family company keep us all in tune.  Our oldest grandson and 
his bride have chosen Borrego for their wedding in October.

Memories of the "Covell experience"  come frequently to mind and are 
cherished as important mileposts of the last forty years of my life.
Being able to know and intermingle with the brightest and best of the 
Interamerican college group was a challenge which helped me to grow
in understanding the need of the Western Hemisphere countries to trust 
and respect each other as we seek to resolve common problems. I am 
thankful that so many of you are out there doing what is good and right 
for all.

Clark M. Shimeall
3272 Country Club Rd.     
P.O. Box  1022  

Borrego Springs, CA  92004