Lisa Anthony Sierra


Covell was the place that when I arrived, I immediately felt I belonged. I spent all 4 years at Covell, graduating in 1980 with majors in Spanish and ESL, and decided to go to Thunderbird to study international business. After a couple years of working in the southeast US, I went to Spain and married my first love, Tony. Shortly afterwards, we accidentally moved to California . I worked in the software industry here for 20 years, though mostly not in international companies. I am currently a Spanish teacher at a private school, and a freelance writer for the Spanish Food site on ( Now that our 2 children are adults, Tony (my husband of 25 years) and I want to move back to Spain and live on the Mediterranean .


I think that like every Coveliano, the years I spent at Covell helped shape who I am and where I have been since leaving Pacific. No, I didn’t end up teaching Spanish or ESL until 5 years ago, but every job I’ve ever held I did so because my language skills and cultural understanding impressed the interviewer enough to hire me. For that I have the faculty and staff of Covell to thank, as well as all my Coveliano friends.


Lisa Anthony-Sierra, 1980