Skylar Bagley Cohen "82"

After graduating from Elbert Covell in 1982, I remained at UOP for two years as a Head Resident, first in Ritter House and then in John Ballatyne Hall, while trying to decide whether to enter a Masters program.  I ultimately decided not to, left the “nest” of UOP, and spent the next few years in retail sales management in Stockton and in the San Francisco Bay Area.  During that time, I met Peter Cohen and we married in May 1989 and moved to Pleasanton, California, where we have established deep roots in a great family-oriented community. We have two children, Chelsea, 17 and Sam, 14.  


In the late 80’s, I moved out of retail management and in to high tech sales.  I worked for an early PC clone manufacturer for several years and then moved in to software sales and sales operations, where my career continues today.  My only direct application of my Elbert Covell education was an enjoyable stint working with “gray market” PC clone exporters in Miami!  I can absolutely credit my time at ECC and UOP with a love for a variety of cultural experiences and a sense of global awareness and responsibility.


In my “spare” time, I keep busy with volunteer work at my children’s schools and marching band and I serve on the Board of Directors of my synagogue.


Skylar Bagley Cohen, 1982