Pablo and Jane (Blewett) Velasco
After finishing our course work in December of 1972, we moved to Southern California, where we married, changed careers, and obtained certifications in computer programming.  Pablo spent 30 years in corporate America with Electronic Data Systems (the old Ross Perot Company) in various technical, sales and executive positions both in the US and internationally, while I worked in banking and insurance and then finally also joined EDS.  We traveled throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, living in Puerto Rico andMexico City, where our oldest daughter was born.  After returning to the States, our other daughter was born, and I spent several years raising our girls before returning to work teaching Spanish and translation at Georgia State University.  After retiring from EDS, Pablo joined Technology Partners International, and now travels throughout Latin America as an Information Technology outsourcing consultant. We currently live in Johns Creek, a suburb of AtlantaGeorgia.
Covell made an indelible impact on our lives, first bringing us together, and then helping us adapt to living in different countries and to working with people from other cultures.  The lessons we learned in Dr. Robinson’s, Dr. Pippin’s, and Dr. Lopez-Fresquet’s classes are still relevant today and aid us in understanding new business situations and current events. 
Our children are carrying on our love of learning and traveling; our youngest recently graduated from the Universidad de Navarra inPamplonaSpain, and lives in Madrid.  Our oldest daughter has returned to school to study graphic arts after graduating in anthropology.  We will attend the reunion in June and look forward to seeing our former classmates.