Mark and Cecelia Williams

Mark and I have raised three beautiful daughters, and now have a handsome little grandson to add to our family. Our daughters are Christina Williams Carrillo, Michelle Williams, and Stephanie Williams. Christina, her husband and son, live in Orange, CA. I visit them every month. Our middle daughter, Michelle is engaged and happily living in Marano di Napoli, Italy. Our youngest, Stephanie, will head off to college in the fall to Harvey Mudd College to study engineering. Our life is still all about the children, but slowly changing…

Mark for twenty years enjoyed working at Bank of America in the Treasury Department in San Francisco. He chose to leave in 1999 under the merger with Nations Bank to set out as an individual consultant, which he continues to do today. Mark’s current project is working with Sun Trust Bank in Richmond, VA, and he continues a long term relationship with Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco. Mark likes his work and says he probably will never retire.

I have been a stay at home mom since 1983, dedicating my time to service in the various activities in which the children participated, including Girl Scouts, swimming, softball, cheerleading, basketball, wrestling, and fifteen years of chorus, both in the schools and in the community. The activity that each of the girls has enjoyed, and has impacted their lives the most, has been chorus. We have traveled all over the world for wonderful performances and experiences, including singing at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Carnegie Hall in New York, at a mass at the Vatican, and at a pre-celebration of the Olympics in Beijing.

When I first toured Elbert Covell College in the spring of 1972, I knew I HAD to attend this very special program called inter-americanismo. Little did I know just how much I would grow as a person during the next four years, and how my whole attitude about life and the world would change. While attending Covell I met my husband, Mark, my best friend, Terri Hockley Moore, and I made several “forever” friends. I also feel like cousins with everyone that attended Covell, even those I do not know, because we are like family that sometimes does not see each other for awhile, but share a strong common bond. Covell was a magical time in my life. I have traveled all over the world and met many people, but nothing can compare to the Covell experience. With each passing year, the memories of the friends, professors, classes, and social time together (parties!!) are not fading; these memories have become even more and more precious to me.

Mark and I have lived in Lafayette since 1990. We have a quiet life filled with family activities, good friends, and travel, which is just the way we like it. When we met in the fall of 1973 at Elbert Covell College, we had no idea what life’s road would hold for us, but thirty six years later we have to say the journey has been just fine.