Apreciados companeros Covelianos,


Luego de concluida la visita de las autoridades de Pacific a Venezuela, del 28/1 al 6/2/10, tenemos el gusto de informarles que la misma resulto un verdadero éxito y que se cumplieron todos los objetivos previstos.


Realmente, pudimos cumplir fielmente con todas las actividades programadas en la agenda e, inclusive, hasta pudimos adicionar a ultima hora, algunas que no estaban consideradas tales como, por ejemplo, nuestra asistencia al Concierto de la Orquesta Juvenil Simón Bolívar (mas de 200 músicos del Sistema de orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles de Venezuela  con el Maestro Gustavo Dudamel como director), y una reunión privada, posterior al concierto, para las autoridades de Pacific con el Maestro José Antonio Abreu y el famosísimo Director Gustavo Dudamel. Hubiéramos querido incorporar también otras actividades y visitas que algunos Covelianos ofrecieron también a última hora las cuales, lamentablemente, visto lo apretado del programa original, no fue posible hacerlo. Sin embargo, nuestros apreciados visitantes estuvieron al tanto de todos los ofrecimientos recibidos, los cuales serán considerados para la próxima oportunidad.


Se lograron acuerdos de alianza con la Universidad Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho (UGMA), Universidad Tecnológica del Centro (UNITEC), Millenia Atlantic University (MAU), Fundación Educativa Caroní, Fundación del Estado para las Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles de Venezuela (FESNOJIV), Gobernación del Estado Bolívar y con algunos de nuestros mejores Colegios privados (High schools): Los Arcos, Loyola-Gumilla, Ibero-Americano, Nazaret, Camoruco a cuyos estudiantes se les brindara asistencia especial para sus inscripciones en cualquiera de las carreras que ofrece Pacific.


Asimismo, sostuvimos una reunión con el Embajador de los Estados Unidos en Venezuela y algunos de sus principales funcionarios, a objeto de solicitar cooperación en cuanto a los tramites de visas necesarios para los estudiantes que asistirán a Pacific. En fin, fueron 2 dozens of activities held in 9 full-time working, straight days, in 5 different cities (Caracas, Barcelona, Ciudad Guayana/Puerto Ordaz, Ciudad Bolivar and Valencia), and in 4 states of Venezuela (D.M., Anzoátegui, Bolivar and Carabobo), where each one of us gave everything to place Pacific’s name on top of the list. Now, we all must follow up on this wonderful outcome we had in Venezuela, and work on the duly implementation of each of the agreements reached with each institution.   


Aprovecho la ocasión para agradecer a todos la colaboración, ideas, trabajo, comunicaciones y esfuerzos recibidos. Especialmente llegue mi agradecimiento personal a mi esposa Beverley, a mi hija Carol y su esposo Manuel Ferrer; a Rafael Flores, Carlos Marchiani, Felipe Sanchez, Frank Bracho, Oscar Zayas y a Nelson Roth. Todos ellos estuvieron muy pendientes de la visita y participaron en varias de las actividades programadas. Asimismo, como compañero de todos ustedes, les invito a expandir este esfuerzo, en la medida en que cada quien pueda, y en cada uno de sus respectivos países, a fin de que los Covelianos continuemos trabajando en la reinserción total de querido nuestro programa interamericano, y continuemos siendo la principal herramienta de apoyo a la Universidad en sus programas e iniciativas internacionales.


A continuación retransmito el mail recibido del Provost, Dr. Phil Gilbertson, y nuestra respuesta a su nota de agradecimiento. Seguimos adelante.


Carinos a todos,



From: ALBERTO YANEZ, Ph.D. [mailto:alberto@premisa.net]
Sent: Monday, February 08, 2010 9:44 AM
To: 'Phil Gilbertson'
Cc: 'Margee Ensign'; 'Gene Bigler'; 'Giulio Ongaro'; Dr. Pamela Eibeck (peibeck@pacific.edu)
Subject: Your trip to Venezuela - Thank you!


Dear Phil and attending members of Pacific’s Delegation to Venezuela:


Right from the outset allow me to congratulate each one of you, on an individual basis and as representatives of the University of the Pacific, for the superb job you all did during this recent trip to Venezuela. You demonstrated to be, indeed, excellent representatives of our unique and most magnificent Alma Mater and Covelianos, from our country, Venezuela, and from the rest of Latin America and the United States, I am sure, will feel most proud -and grateful- for this visit of yours to Latin America and for your commitment as expressed on behalf of Pacific’s international programs and students, and, above all, for re-establishing contacts and visiting again our countries, aiming at developing -and reinstating again- in Pacific, our most beloved Inter-American Studies Program the way we knew it and lived it for three decades, that is: Fully bilingual and totally Multicultural.


The message conveyed during these most varied dozens of activities held in 9 full-time working, straight days, in 5 different cities (Caracas, Barcelona, Ciudad Guayana/Puerto Ordaz, Ciudad Bolivar and Valencia), and in 4 states of Venezuela (D.M., Anzoátegui, Bolivar and Carabobo), were perfectly received, perceived, accepted and praised by the leaders of the more important, high-ranking academic, cultural, political and even financial institutions of Venezuela and their high-ranked officials. This, to me, is the best way to promote an active and positive Inter-Americanism between Latin America and the United States! and that is, exactly what the media recollected from interviews performed in Barcelona, Ciudad Guayana and Valencia.


Pacific’s message in Venezuela, as expressed during our various meetings were of such caliber and interest to the public that many of them publicly expressed their willingness -and desire- to enroll and participate, either directly, or by sending their children or grand children to that effect, to our university. Your words, as well as of those of Dean Ensign and Dean Ongaro’s, showed the type of academic leadership and progress which Pacific always taught Covelianos in classes. It was nice to know that years later, we still have in Pacific the same kind of spirit, energy, understanding and commitment towards Latin America as we did from the 60-s to the 80-s. Special thanks and recognition must be given to our dearest colleague and exceptional Friend, Professor Gene Bigler, whose superior knowledge and particular expertise on Latin America’s culture and issues, where fundamental for the success of your mission. His active participation in this visit, and the particular interaction he sustained with many Venezuelans from all socio-economic levels of society (even when he was walking on the streets), caused a special effect of friendship and improved their attitude towards the whole Pacific team. What a wonderful feeling that was! This should be an extraordinary example for Pacific of how a real and natural Interamericanists like Covelianos, can add in favor of the university’s image in countries overseas. Needless to say, of course, in the success of the Inter-American Studies Program once you decide to fully re-launch it as we believe it should. I sincerely hope that the university, from now on, will include the participation of more Covelianos in future activities either internally, in the United States, and in overseas. Covelianos, as you have witness it, are a warranty of success in international endeavors.


Well dear Phil, Margee, Giulio and Gene, once again, it was a real pleasure -and a privilege- to have you all in Venezuela. We look forward to the continuation of your visits to various other countries in Latin America and, of course, to the full consummation, via the implementation of many specific project and their soon start-up, based on the alliances reached with Universidad Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho, Universidad Tecnologica del Centro, Millenia Atlantic University, Fundacion Educativa Caroni, Fundacion del Estado para las Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles de Venezuela, Gobernacion del Estado Bolivar, Colegios: Los Arcos, Loyola-Gumilla, Ibero-Americano, Nazaret, Camoruco, etc. It was great to have seen you all here and be of support to our great Alma Mater!


Give our best to Mrs. Gilbertson and let her know that we all miss her a lot.





From: Phil Gilbertson [mailto:pgilbert@PACIFIC.EDU]
Sent: Sunday, February 07, 2010 7:41 PM
To: alberto@premisa.net
Cc: Margee Ensign; Gene Bigler; Giulio Ongaro
Subject: VZ Action Steps




Spectacular!  That sums up our trip.  What a rich experience for us all, and so productive as well.  You set a new standard for hosting and orchestrating an amazing itinerary of engaged colleagues at so many levels--we have so many new friends beyond Carol and Manuel! I am very optimistic about the start up of the InterAmerican Program in Latin America with this kind of launch. We are grateful for all the sacrifices you made--and your absence when Beverly needed you the most, so deep thanks to her as well!--to make our visit such a complete success. Your commitment to Pacific is remarkable, and that commitment translates so well for the future of better bonds of cooperation between the US and Latin America, one of our highest goals.  Thank you so  much--we already miss your warm and musical voice to guide, reassure, and urge us forward!


See attached first draft of action steps written on the plane. Please review/add/modify.


Thanks, Phil