Recently Submitted Pics


Dear Craig:


I have wanted to send you these Covell pictures for some time.  Now that you are posting to the 50th reunion maybe you can use them.  (This was the model United Nations)

Oh, by the way my daughter Maria Cristina Andrade is completing her second year at McGeorge, she is a third generation graduate and she is working in the immigration clinic helping Latin Americans with visa problems. 

Covell 1 1.jpegCovell 1 2.jpegCovell 1.jpeg

Mary Andrade 77


Teri Graf-Pulvino and husband Ken now live in Frutillar southern chile where they conduct tours to the island of Chiloe



Gerardo Borrero sends us this picture of the class of 66


This is from Diane Meagher and several others. this is the class of 68


Jorge Verdi (Chile),Water Andrade (Ecuador), Tedoro Lingua (Chile), Nestor lau (Peru), and Carmelo Cuellar, at a Winter Term seminar conducted by Chevron at Covell

Submitted by Jorge Verdi