Covelianos List

As part of our project to update information regarding former Covelianos I am posting a list of the Covelianos that I have names for. All Covelianos and interested persons are encouraged to subscribe to the mailing list and update thier information usung the link on the home page. The list consists of Covelianos that have updated information, Covelianos that I have emailed with no response, Covelianos whose emails are no longer valid and Covelianos for whom I have no email address at all. I am sure that there are Covelianos that are not on this list at all. I am attaching this list in a multi page Excell format. If you have any current information regarding any of these Covelianos please e mail me at There are many reasons today for people to request that thier information not be given out freely. Out of respect for everyones privacy we will not give out any information directly. If you would like to make contact with someone listed as subscribed please sned me an email and I will forward your request to the other party.





List of Covelianos


I will update this list as it changes